Dongguan LanDun Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.   Dongguan LanDun Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.,Located in "World Factory" - Dongguan, Guangdong Province City, beautiful scenery, convenient traffic. It is an important transportation hub and foreign trade port in Guangdong. It is one of the four prefecture-level cities without a county in the country. In 2006, it entered the field of UV equipment machinery manufacturing. It has been exploring and pursuing for many years, and it has improved the quality of its products. In order to improve the product's higher quality, we have successively designed and manufactured UV energy-saving systems, UV tunnel furnaces, UV light curing machines and other products based on high-tech technology. For China's UV equipment manufacturing, integrated with more competitive products.
  Dongguan LanDun Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.Positioned in the "lead the competition, innovation and development" business philosophy, with "Blue Shield Electromechanical 37 survival rules" as a spur. Strengthen its own technological advantages and management advantages, creating a precedent for domestic "UV electronic power supply", thus breaking the barriers of high-end UV light source system relying on overseas imports.
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UV-LED curing skills and its development direction

The UV-LED curing skills derived from the UV curing skills are primarily related to the 395 nm curing light source and the new material system that can be cured under the 395 nm light effect.In light curing equipment, UV-LED light source equipment with long-wavelength (395nm) high……

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ask UV smart power can not switch often?
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ask UV curing machine maintenance
answer Because the quality of the UV machine is related to the production efficiency, it is generally used in the configuration of the upper equipment, especially the UV lamp and……More>>
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